Monday, June 27, 2011

CodePlex - BizTalk Backup Tool

First of all,
I have not yet tested this tool and I can't officially recommend this tool as of yet... 
Note:- I will be very soon testing this tool and will be recommending it to you and your company. Till then if you have any experience with it... let me know.

Project Description
This tool backs up the configuration of the BizTalk 'application' servers (not databases). It copies/export settings so the BizTalk app (front-end) servers can be rebuild quickly. This includes config files, application MSIs, binding files, pipeline components etc.

Goal of this tool

This tool was created to ease the process of backing up and restoring a BizTalk group or even to just add a new node to a group.

Latest version

Version 1.0.2 now supports BizTalk 2010

How does it work?

The tool is simply a command line utility that takes several parameters depending on what you want to back up. It utilize both WMI and the BizTalk
ExplorerOM library to do its work. The following things are 'backed up':
  • BTSNTSvc.exe.config files (both 32 and 64-bit if present)
  • Messaging and Pipeline Component directories
  • Generates a BtsAdminConfiguration.xml file with which hosts, instances, adapters and handlers can be recreated (see
  • Export all current applications to MSIs so they can be restored as needed
  • Export all current application binding files
  • Tracking directory (only custom files like xls, xml, btt etc.

Command line parameters

The following is an explanation of the parameters.

Usage: BTSBackup.exe [-config:path] [-comp:path] [-envconfig:path] [-apps:path] [-bind:path] [-track:path] [-log] [-btsdir:installdir]
    config    - Back up BTSNTSvc.exe.config files to path
    comp      - Back up components (pipeline and messaging)
    envconfig - Generate BtsAdminConfiguration.xml file to path
    apps      - Export all application MSI's to path
    bind      - Export all application binding files to path
    track     - Back up custom tracking(BAM) related files to path
    log       -  Write outout to log file (BTSBackup.log)
    btsdir    - Installation directory of BizTalk
  Path details
    path      - May contain macros like {yyyy-MM-dd}
    Allowed macros
 Sample usage: BTSBackup.exe "-config:c:\backups\{yyyy-MM-dd}\config"

.Net framework

The tool is compiled to use only .Net 2.0 framework so it can still work on old BizTalk 2006 servers. It also works fine against BizTalk 2006R2, 2009 and 2010 servers.


As with all other tools that use the BizTalk ExplorerOM library this tool must be compiled to x86 code. It will run on a 64-bit OS but in 32-bit mode.
Also, it needs to run under an account that has the proper privileges.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Unable to get binding type for binding extension sqlBinding

Unable to get binding type for binding extension sqlBinding

While promoting code from one 64 bit environment to another, I can across the following error while changing the configuration

Unable to get binding type for binding extension "sqlBinding".
Verify the binding extension is registered in machine.config."

Since I have come across this a couple of times, I might as well put a reminder out for myself:
The SQL adapter is a WCF custom binding, which is registered under System.ServiceModel in the machine.config file. A 64-bit platform has two machine.config files, one used by the 32-bit applications and the other used by the 64-bit applications. So, when you install the 64-bit version of the BizTalk Adapter Pack, the setup wizard registers the bindings in the 64-bit version of the machine.config file. However, BizTalk Server Administration console runs as a 32-bit process and hence when you configure a port for the adapter, it checks for the bindings in the 32-bit version of the machine.config file and fails giving an error.
Install both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the BizTalk Adapter Pack on a 64-bit WCF LOB Adapter SDK installation.

More details:-
1. Install WCF LOB Adapter SDK 2010.. [AdapterFramework64.msi] (It prompts for 3.0.5005.0 & above) .... go for SDK 2010 if you are using BTS 2010.
2. Then goto BizTalk installation files... and install both 64 bit as well as 32 bit AdapterPacks... 

Thanks Eric

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