Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Visio shapes for BizTalk Server

Thanks to Harold Hoffman

I was tasked to create a visio diagram of all our BizTalk servers and related servers (SQL Server etc..) in their respective environments. (DEV, QA, Staging and Production)
Figure 1 is an image of the visio diagram for the production environment.
Figure 1.
Figure 2 shows a BizTalk Server with IIS shape.
Figure 2.
Visio can retrieve the server data from a sharepoint list and link the data to the server shapes by a simple drag and drop process. You can manually refresh the data from the sharepoint site or schedule an automatic update.
I created 2 visio shapes, one for BizTalk Server and one for BizTalk Server with IIS, to more quickly convey the server landscape for each environment.
You can download these 2 shapes from here. The download file is a .vss file but for some reason it appears as a .vsd file in the download dialog box. Just change it to .vss before saving it to your hard disk.

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