Thursday, March 19, 2009

What is the difference between BizTalk Oracle Adapters?

I know even you must have wondered for couple of years by now... what's the heck with these Oracle Adapters and what's the difference between them. Do they need ODP.NET or just plain .NET... What... what.. what....?
so here is the table I found on this site, pretty comprehensive... very useful

BizTalk: Feature comparison of BizTalk Oracle Adapters


Microsoft BizTalk Oracle Adapter

Microsoft BizTalk WCF Adapter

TopXml Adapter for Databases

BizTalk Server support version

BizTalk Server 2006

BizTalk Server 2006 R2

BizTalk Server 2004/2006


ODBC driver to connect to DB

Oracle Adapter for .NET (ODP.NET)

Oracle Adapter for .NET (ODP.NET)


Supports “PollingQuery” and “TableChangedEvent”

Single Polling mechanism that provides the following features:

·        Generate strongly typed schema based on a SELECT statement

·        Specify Post-Poll statements to be executed after a polling event

·        Poll and Post-Poll statements executed in a Transaction context

·        Specify Transaction Isolation level

·        Poll, Post-Poll and transaction levels can be specified with binding properties

·       Generation of BizTalk schemas based on SQL statements, Stored Procedures (in, out, return parameters), multiple tables

·        Periodic polling of data source

·        Oracle alerts (send and receive) can send asynchronous notifications based on some events. Uses DBMS_ALERTS oracle package.

·        Oracle Receiver can be configured to receive alerts and Oracle Sender can send alerts to data source.

·        Oracle Pipes allow inter-process communications with Oracle sessions


IDE Integration

Standard integration

Enhanced integration at design time between BizTalk and Visual Studio that provide the following features:

·        Standardized GUI for browsing, searching and retrieving LOB artificats

·        Design-time enhancements for browsing stored procedures, functions and packages (categorized and hierarchical manner)


·        Redesigned and developed in C#.NET that provides tight integration with BizTalk Adapter framework

·        Generate schemas based on stored procedures and also Select, Insert, Update, Delete and InsertUpdate statements on tables and views

Programming Interface

·        Standard XML schema messages

·        Metadata is retrieved as XML messages

·        Exposes WCF Programming interfaces that provide WCF channel, WCF service model and web service model

·        Exposes programming interfaces for retrieving metadata including search and browse capabilities


·        Schema generation capabilities that allow importing database schema from the underlying data provides into the orchestrations.

·        Uses Enterprise Instrumentation framework for tracing and logging

·        Send Adapters are equipped with Exception handlers that allows you to specify Send Adapter behavior when a particular exception is raised


·        Not Supported

·        Supports WCF mode Transactions for Outbound and Inbound

·        Supports Transactions and Transaction Isolation levels

Additional Features

·        Not Supported

·        Supports IN, OUT, INOUT REFCURSORS with strongly typed and weakly typed variants

·        Supports BLOB, CLOB, BFILE types in tables and stored procedures with streaming capabilities

·        Enhancing on top of ODP.NET, the WCF-based Oracle DB adapter supports RECORD type parameters in stored procedures/functions even though these types are not natively supported by ODP.NET (version

·        Supports various Data sources such as IBM DB2, SyBase, MySQL etc

·        Extendable Data Providers

Support and Licensing

·        Depends on licensing agreement with Microsoft

·        No additional pricing for the adapters

·        Depends on licensing agreement with Microsoft

·        No additional pricing for the adapters

·        Additional pricing and licensing model

·        Online Support

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